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ege logoLondon Boilers® is the trading name of Express Gas & Electrical Ltd (EG&E Ltd, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire) serving London and Hertfordshire for repairing of commercial / industrial boilers and complicated domestic boilers.

We are a Gas Safe and NICEIC registered company specialised in gas boiler repairs:

Gas Safe Registered No: 506542
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NICEIC Enrolment No: 600464
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Pool Boiler Repairs:

Pool BoilerBeing a boiler repair specialist, we have been involved in swimming pool boiler service and repairs in Hertfordshire and north London.

Again, pool boilers are not very complicated compared to domestic boilers.

As a small local business we have the advantage of a quick response, cheap callouts and, more importantly, being very competent at boiler repairs.

Once we diagnose a boiler problem, we always offer a "no fix no fee" policy, even on commercial boilers.

We like to keep things running and we are able to keep things running!

We are not only heating engineers but also electricians so we are in a very unique position on boiler repairs. We are specialised in all types of gas boilers but, in London, we are concentrating on commercial boiler and complicated or non mainstream domestic boiler repairs.

We only correct what is wrong to get your boiler or central heating up running again. Usually for a boiler breakdown it is just caused by one failed part, we will find it out and get it replaced. We don't need to create extra work by faking more, or by guessing the fault to one direction, and change a series of parts at your costs.

We have a call out charge (£90) in London, otherwise the business can't survive long. Apart from the call out charge, we will try to quote a repair bill by the job not by hours. We are transparent on pricing and any chargeable service will be discussed with clients in advance. We set an agreed price beforehand, not send a big bill afterwards. 

We will fix your boiler, and will not suggest a new boiler in most cases!

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